Campbell Electric Motors chosen by OEM for geared motor project.

Avonmore Electrical were recently involved in the sizing and supply of several projects for the food & beverage industry and the chocolate processing industry

We received a call from a long-standing customer who was manufacturing a significant number of conveyors and asked for our assistance in sizing and supplying for in total 18 conveyor drives, all varying lengths, widths and with different through-put. We utilised the Avonmore quick calculation software to offer required torques and speed based on customer data.

We can also offer calculations for screw/auger drives, feeder conveyors and lifting applications, once the conveyors were sized and the required output torque and speed was determined, we then used the MOTIVE configurator to select the desired unit. This software is available on the Avonmore website here it allows you to chose any special executions and it gives you a pdf. data sheet and drawing and also the option to download any format 2D or 3D drawing. The project is pictured at several stages during the manufacturing process below: