Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring enables the user to determine the Condition of Bearings as well as quantifying the level of vibration. The wave form generated can then be analysed to identify the source of the vibration and therefore prevent further occurrences of the same problem.

Why measure vibration?

Every machine has its own distinctive vibrations which are small when the machine is running smoothly. When mechanical defects develop, vibration increases in severity. Specific problems such as worn bearings, unbalance, misalignment, etc. can then be pinpointed according to the frequency of the vibrations.

What’s involved?

Each motor/pump is measured using a hand-held/magnetic probe on both the Drive End and Non-Drive End on three planes; namely horizontal, vertical and axial. Each measurement is printed off and compiled in a technical report afterwards giving our interpretation along with our recommendations on maintenance if required. Each machine must be operating when analysed, therefore there is no disruption to production in most cases.