End users spend many tens of thousands of euros on equipment for use in their “Hazardous Areas”. Such equipment is more expensive to purchase than safe area equipment and can involve expensive and complex control systems. But, what happens when the Ex equipment suffers failure?

  • Can you be sure that your repairer knows fully what he can or can not do to your machine?
  • Do you possess a detailed history of maintenance and repair for your Ex equipment?
  • Are you confident that your repaired equipment is not increasing your risk of explosion?
  • The only way to ensure that your equipment is being repaired or overhauled to the highest possible standard, is to utilise the services of an IECEx Service Facility.
  • The scheme has been developed by the IEC (International Electro-technical Committee) to eliminate the growing concern within the industry that Ex equipment across the globe is not being repaired to a high enough standard.As a result of cheap and sub standard repairs being carried out, peoples lives and businesses are placed at risk, unnecessarily.

At Avonmore Electrical, we as a company want to educate you – the end user, in the importance of your role in the maintenance of hazardous area equipment.

Electro-mechanical repairs to hazardous area equipment enlists collective responsibility;

  • Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure only safe equipment is placed on the market.
  • Installers must follow the instructions provided and use the equipment only for its intended purpose.
  • Repairers must provide competent repairs through a controlled repair process.
  • Finally, the User has a duty to inspect and maintain the equipment in a safe working order.

This course is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge of Ex Motor Maintenance, knowledge that you, the end user, can use to future-proof your plant and ensure maximum up-time of your operations.