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Audited by Baseefa, Avonmore Electrical is Ireland’s only IECEx certified facility. Specifically; apparatus used in Explosive Atmospheres in accordance with BS EN 60079-19:2011.

Electro-mechanical repairs to hazardous area equipment enlists collective responsibility;

  • Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure only safe equipment is placed on the market.
  • Installers must follow the instructions provided and use the equipment only for its intended purpose.
  • Repairers must provide competent repairs through a controlled repair process.
  • Finally, the User has a duty to inspect and maintain the equipment in a safe working order.

As we are the sole Irish IECEx service facility certified in the repair and overhaul of Ex-Rated Electrical Apparatus, we are central to this collective responsibility. In addition, we supply and install Ex-Rated electro-mechanical equipment.

Staff training, whereby six of our technicians complete AEMT courses a minimum of once every 3 years, tool calibration and most importantly detailed records, (AIMS), are the three main elements of our IECEx certification and all contribute to our highly controlled workshop environment.

Essentially, our IECEx Certification supports our competent Technicians with a competent Facility.


Following the initial dismantle and assessment of the motor, our expert technicians conduct electrical testing using our SKF electrical test unit and mechanical inspection with fully calibrated equipment.

Once a scope of work is established, the motor will proceed through the different stages of re-manufacture including;

Following reassembly, the motor simulates full voltage, full speed testing using our Phenix Tester, which can test machines up to 6,600V capacity.

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