Our in-house Electrical Panel Workshop enables the internal design and construction of custom built panels for each application. Carrying an extensive range of components in stock including VSD softstarts, we ensure quick turn-around times.

Contrary to the industry norm, our ability to maintain full control of the design and application of the panel eliminates any margin of error that may be associated with outsourcing such work and thus ensuring total quality solutions for each project.

Panels are fully simulated/tested, with all parameters set in the drives and instruments specific to the job, before dispatch.

Control Panel options include;

  • Form 2 & Form 4
  • Intelligent Controls
  • Distribution Panels
  • Changeover Panels
  • Complete Scada Systems
  • PLC & HMI Controls

Our dedicated workshop also possesses the capability to upgrade existing panels to comply with current regulations. Upgrades to panels include VSD’s to regulate and control motors and pumps for greater efficiencies.  


Avonmore Electrical can provide a range of PLC’s’ to suit large and small scale projects. Our team of experienced programmers ensure that PLC’s can be provided with HMI screens for local control or full SCADA computer systems when required. Typical manufacturers include ABB, Siemens, Allan Bradley & Unitronics.


We supply a wide range of instrumentation depending on the requirements of the project. Dealing with all leading instrumentation manufacturers including; Siemens Pulsar, ABB, Hach et al.

Typical instrumentation includes, but is not limited to;

  • Flow, Level, Pressure
  • Chlorine Residual, Temperature, PH
  • Conductivity, Turbidity, Ammonia
  • Dissolved Oxygen, TOC, Power Monitors