Implement Technology to Future-Proof your Plant.


In conjunction with our sister company, Campbell Electric Motors, we supply a wide range of:

This includes exclusive Irish distribution of ABB Low Voltage Motors & Bauer Gear Motors along with many other Expert Global Partners.


Our competent team of field engineers, coupled with our PSCS & PSDP capabilities, ensure:

  • Accurate Diagnostics.
  • Safe Removal of Unit.
  • Facilitation of Repair/Supply.
  • Precise Installation.
  • 24/7 Support

Allowing Avonmore Electrical to provide Mechanical/ Electrical Field Services to facilitate installation, ensures the Complete Reliability of your Plant.


At Avonmore Electrical, we now complement our Workshop Based Reactive Service with a Predictive Field Services Offering. Employing the latest technologies in Condition Based Monitoring, our team can diagnose early warning symptoms and schedule maintenance, thus preventing costly failures and associated lost production. Maintenance tools include: