Wireless Equipment Condition Monitoring IoT, ABB Ability Smart Sensor

Motors that let you know its time for a service.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor is like a fitness wristband for electric motors.

  • You fit it easily to the surface of a motor, and get operational data and health info of the motor
  • Maintenance and operation can be optimised in a way that was not possible before
  • The savings in downtime, reliability and energy consumption can be huge
  • Payback time expected to be less than one year in most cases
  • With IoT-technology the sensor does things at a low cost that was unthinkable a few years ago

Reduce downtime by as much as 70%

Service or replace motors before they break down

Shift unplanned maintenance to planned outages

Extend lifetime by up to 30%

Avoid motor failures by timely servicing

Prevent secondary damage by avoiding breakdowns

Increase energy efficiency by around 10%

Create better loading profiles based on energy consumption patterns

Rationalize the installed base
(replace less efficient and over-dimensioned motors)

When Safety & Production Uptime is Important!

Collect continuous, real-time data, and visualize deteriorating equipment health. The data is sent wirelessly from the sensor to a gateway to a cloud portal where it is aggregated, stored and analyzed .

With online condition monitoring, companies can achieve better insight into the health of their assets. They can use this data to drive predictive maintenance programs, which allows maintenance managers to schedule and plan maintenance only when necessary. This leads to more revenue, reduced cost, and advance warning of potential failures while increasing safety.

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