Avonmore Electrical replace obsolete Geared Motors on Asphalt Mixing Plant

Following a recent call from a valued customer, one of our engineers attended site. There were 2 x Helical Geared Units installed on the Asphalt mixing plant and they were in the early stages of failure. The original equipment manufacturer advised the geared units were long since obsolete and the new generation would require significant modifications to the plant in order to accommodate this replacement. The plant had been operational for over 15 years running 2 shifts per day in the summer months.

The geared units required were Helical in-line, foot mounted with 37kW 4 pole IEC motors, they are a tandem arrangement which went into a secondary gearbox assembly. The torque generated was in excess of 6,500Nm per unit. Avonmore Electrical, as a BAUER partner was able to offer a bespoke solution, first of all we needed to ensure the new geared motors could be accommodated, the original 2 geared motors were 300mm base to centre of the shaft, with a 100mm solid output shaft. The BAUER BG90 series gearbox we proposed to change these out for had a base to centre height of 350mm however the original units were assembled on a removable base which was 50mm high, this meant the BAUER unit installed height could be accommodated.

The preference on these units was to fit IEC standard motors and being an Authorised Value Provider for ABB meant we were in the position to offer IE3 premium efficiency motors for this project at a very competitive price. BAUER calculate service factor based on 16 hours per day operation which gave the customer peace of mind that the double shifts during the summer months were going to be no problem. The Motors were delivered from stock in Menden, Germany and the BAUER gearboxes were delivered in 5 weeks from the headquarters in Esslingen. For further information on the above project or to enquire about any of the Avonmore Electrical products please contact eoin@avonmore-electrical.com