Avonmore Electrical chosen by shell fish processing plant for critical drives supply

One of our long standing customers approached us following the supply of a special submersible primary conveyor supplied from the USA, the conveyor was originally supplied through an American OEM, the supplier had offered a NEMA (American Standard Geared Motor) to be fitted on the conveyor but our customer was sceptical of this, knowing this would be an imperial dimensioned unit and with spares / replacements having to come from the U.S.A Avonmore were approached and asked to help,

We got the original specification from the OEM and looked into equivalent metric alternatives, due to the harsh operating environment. Avonmore Electrical carried out a conveyor calculation on there in-house software and sized a drive based on the customers go-ahead, the final unit selection was for:


BAUER Helical Bevel Geared Motor.

  • Output Speed = 5.9 rpm
  • Output Torque = 720 Nm
  • Service Factor = 1.1
  • Motor Power = 0.55kW
  • Special Executions,
  • Stainless Steel Hollow-Bore
  • IP65 Stainless Steel Plug Connector
  • Aseptic Paint finish
  • Food Grade Lubricant

The unit was manufactured to specification from BAUER Germany in 6 working weeks and delivered to site by our dedicated service team, The unit has been operation for several months now and our very happy customer called again when a similar specialist geared motor was required for particularly arduous application.

This application was on processing floor and meant open exposure to salt water 24 hours a day it was decided to look at a BAUER Hiflex geared motor, completely manufactured in stainless steel, the unit picked was:

Bauer Helical Bevel Geared Motor

  • Output Speed = 13.5 rpm
  • Output Torque = 225 Nm
  • Service Factor = 1.4
  • Motor Power = 0.37kW
  • Special Executions,
  • Complete Stainless Steel Unit
  • Round Plug Connector IP67
  • 4 metre Special Cabling

Both units are installed and running and customer is very happy with the quality and finish.