Health & Safety

Trevor Twohig, HSQE Coordinator, is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment within Avonmore Electrical. Ensuring the correct communication channels remain open and exercised throughout the entire organisation, a subsequent health and safety conscious environment, (whereby individuals within the organisation are aware of the collective responsibility of every employee in providing and maintaining of a safe place of work), has been created.

Pioneering industrial excellence through the implementation of the latest in integrated management systems, up to and including ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 140012015, we have recently been upgraded from OHSAS 18001:2007 to the latest ISO 45001:2018 to complete our full complement of ISO Standards.

Recognising the importance of Health and Safety in all aspects of the organisation, top level management have defined, documented and demonstrated its responsibilities, involvement and its commitment to health and safety by:

• Establishing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System – including policies

• Ensuring the availability of all necessary and appropriate resources

• Performing management reviews

• Ensuring that concerned personnel are fully aware of their health and safety and their customer’s needs and requirements.