Avonmore Electrical supply suite of ABB Ability Smart Sensors, Mounted Bearing Sensors & Gateways’

Avonmore Electrical pride themselves on being at the forefront of Ensuring Reliability Always as the sole ABB Authorised provider for Electric Motors in the Republic of Ireland and drawing on over 60 years experience in the electric motor repair business, a large aggregate production plant recently contacted us. This plant had experience in the past of on-site condition monitoring on critical assets, (generally carried out on a monthly/ quarterly basis) it had a programme for monitoring its Medium and High-Voltage machines and wanted to know more about what was available in the Low Voltage monitoring market.

An Avonmore Electrical representative attended site and presented the latest ABB Ability Smart Sensor platform to the Engineering and Reliability team. Using the demonstration apparatus and connecting to the ABB portal on-line allowed the customer to experience first hand the data which was available for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and energy optimisation. This platform allows the user to monitor Low voltage Motors and fixed pedestal bearings wirelessly, this data can be picked up thorough a Bluetooth device and has the ability to store data for up to 30 days. This data includes: –

  • Axial, Tangential and Radial (velocity rms)
  • Speed (rpm)
  • Operating hours
  • Supply Frequency
  • Output Power
  • Number of starts

There was one problem, several of the fan motors were not easily accessible, The customer asked if there was any options, we were able to also offer the ABB Smart Sensor Gateway, This is used to upload data automatically to the smart sensor portal the gateway is configured for internet access, this portal has a minimum 50 metre range (environmental conditions dependant).

Having seen the full extent of the ABB Ability Smart Sensor platform our customer placed an order for 20 sensors and 2 portals (pictured above). This represents only a small part of the plant with plans to roll this out through the site over the coming months. For more information please contact your local representative or info@avonmore-electrical.com