Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (V.P.I)

28 February, 2011

V.P.I allows Avonmore Electrical to offer the ultimate rewind electrical performance and quality. All motors/generators are processed under vacuum and pressure with solvent less epoxy resin to provide void-free electrical windings. The V.P.I process provides maximum penetration of resin throughout the turns of individual windings. V.P.I is superior to solvent varnishes and the conventional “dip and bake” method. Solvent varnishes lose 50 to 70% of volume during baking, leaving air pockets and voids. V.P.I provides a 100% solid mass structure that gives you the greatest strength and cooler running motor due to enhanced heat dissipation and the highest level of environmental protection. A winding that undergoes V.P.I is virtually impervious to oil, chemical and moisture contaminates. V.P.I is accessible to both AC and DC applications.

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