12 May, 2014

Free Seminar Dates

Cork: 9th of May in our Head Office

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Dublin: 28th of May in The Red Cow Hotel complex.

Also available on: Wed. 25th of June and Wed. 23rd of July.

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Avonmore Electrical are the market leaders in Ireland when it comes to the maintenance and repair of Electric Motors. It’s a craft that we have been practising since 1958, much of this with long serving and loyal staff whose expertise and ingenuity is our strength.

We have completely rebuilt motors ranging in size from .18kW up to and exceeding 5,000kW .! We repair both AC and DC Motors, Servo Motors, Generators and Alternators, Submersible Pump Motors, water and oil filled, Field, Interpole, Solenoid and Brake Coils AND Explosion Proof Motors(ATEX Rated).!


Explosive rated (EX) equipment is currently very much to the fore in various industries. Whether it be pharmaceutical, chemical, petro-chemical, fuel, waste water treatment plants (WWTP) or the food and grain sectors, there is a strong likelihood that some equipment in any given facility will have to be Ex/ATEX rated. 

When electrical equipment is installed in Hazardous Areas where dangerous concentrations and quantities of flammable gases, vapours, mists or dusts may be present in the atmosphere, protective measures are to be applied.These measures reduce the likelihood of explosion due to ignition by arcs, sparks or hot surfaces produced either in normal operation, or under specified fault conditions.This is an extremely detailed and specialised field.


Today’s industry is all about RISK MANAGEMENT

Investment in the maintenance of Ex Apparatus can result in dramatic Risk Reduction. There is a huge vacuum of knowledge about Ex motors in general industry. The assumption may be..if it has an Ex Nameplate, then it is assumed to be fit for purpose…this is not so.! ATEX directives state that Documented Maintenance by Competent Personnel MUST be available.

Bearing this in mind, Avonmore Electrical decided last year that it should put the knowledge it has gleaned over its 56 year history to good use and to better help its customers and clients to meet their responsibilities towards the maintenance of Ex Rated Equipment.

Avonmore began to host seminars to enlighten people and companies about their obligations as End Users and, equally so, about the obligations of their Repair Agents with regard to the proper maintenance and record keeping of these EX rated pieces of equipment.

 These seminars started at our Head Office/Workshop in Mallow, Co. Cork last October. We decided to host them on a twice monthly basis and to limit participants to a maximum of 15 per session so as to ensure full engagement with the subject.  Topics covered include – Ex Motor nameplates and what they tell us, Personnel Competency – am I competent to work on Ex motors, and, User Obligations. We have recently been accredited by BASEEFA as an IECEx(International Electro-technical Committee) Certified Facility. We are currently the only such facility in Ireland.!

The up-take on these FREE seminars was proving to be exceptional., all available spaces were filled as quick as the dates were announced.! Due to the success of these in house seminars we thought that we should bring our seminar to Dublin so that we could cater for our Leinster based clients.

Two seminars have taken place so far in Dublin’s Red Cow Hotel complex, on March 28th and April 23rd last,- both dates were very successful. Our next date for our Dublin seminar is May 28th in The Red Cow Hotel complex. Our next seminar in our Head Office in Cork is Friday 9th of May. Should you wish to reserve a place for yourself or someone in your company for one of our Dublin dates, please contact Alan Burke, Avonmore Electrical’s Leinster representative, by email at or on 0868181406. Or if you wish to reserve a space for our seminar in Cork please contact Eileen at or on 02247477.

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