Energy Saving in the Profile Extrusion

23 April, 2014

Energy saving in the profile extrusion

Speck Pumps sets new standards for saving energy

Saving energy as a factor of success

Energy costs are a large part of the operating costs in the profile extrusion. If you reduce your energy costs you can increase your competitiveness on a sustainable basis.

BluVac: Intelligent compact units reduce operating costs substantially

The new BluVac units of Speck pumps reduce the energy consumption by generating a vacuum on demand. When less vacuum is generated less energy is being consumed. The highest energy saving effect is reached by using optimized calibration tools under minimal supply of additional air. Pre-series models of these systems reached savings of 67% by a major manufacturer of window profiles.

Sensors are continuously measuring the pressure level in the system and the water level in the separator tanks. The unit is regulating the pressure level and water output on the basis of these measured data by adjusting the speed control. If a lower pressure level is needed after the start-up the speed of the vacuum and radial pump is reduced and less energy is being consumed.

§ | Speck Pumpen is holding the property right for BluVac vacuum units.

BluLine: Speed controlled vacuum pumps 

BluLine vacuum pumps are the right choice for applications with and without water flow. These are liquid ring vacuum pumps which are equipped with an energy saving vacuum control. The well-established pumps of the range of V, VI, VG and VN are frequency controlled in the BluLine implementation, they have a pressure level sensor and are running by means of an operating panel like the BluVac unit.

Simple concept, maximum flexibility and easy to handle

BluVac units are compact, fit under every calibration table and are as easy to install as a vacuum pump. An update of existing ranges is possible anytime. The machine operator adjusts the required nominal value of the pressure level. The regulation is making sure that the nominal value is being adhered to.

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