Victor Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Self-priming centrifugal «S» series pumps are used for pumping clear or dirty liquids with solids up to 76 mm (3").
The special design makes them suitable for abrasive liquids.

«S» series pumps are useful when the the following conditions are required:

  • quick self-priming
  • handling large diameter of solids
  • high abrasive resistance
  • dry running
  • long life

«S» series pumps are used in Industry, Waste treatment, Environmental protection, Shipbuilding, Construction industry, Civil engineering, Agriculture.


«S» series pumps are horizontal, one-stage, self-priming centrifugal with an open impeller handling large solids up to 76 mm (3").

The «S» series is quick self-priming pump. Foot valve is not necessary. The pump primes and re-primes automatically to depths over 7,5 meters (25 feet).

With easily replaceable wear plates, these pumps have a high resistance to abrasion. The impeller can easily be inspected through a large cover. All pumps are equipped with externally lubricated mechanical seals with hard faces. Lubrication prevents damage during dry running.

«S» series pumps are supplied in cast iron, stainless steel fitted, all stainless steel as application require.

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

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