Avonmore Electrical is a family owned and operated electric motor repair facility that prides itself on our business ethics, technical knowledge and customer satisfaction. 

We have been practicing the craft of motor rewinding since 1958, much of this with long serving loyal staff whose expertise and ingenuity is our strength.

We rewind, refurbish and test all makes and models of AC & DC Motors/Generators/Pumps with handling facilities up to 20 Ton.

Our services cover a wide range of electric motors: Random Wound Stators and Armatures; Form Wound Stators and Armatures; Synchronous Stators and Rotating Fields; Explosion-Proof Motors; Submersible Pump Motors, water and oil filled; Field; Interpole; Solenoid and Brake Coils.


  • Equipment
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (V.P.I.)
    Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (V.P.I) is a process by which a fully wound electric apparatus stator or rotor is completely submerged in a Resin. Through a combination of dry and wet vacuum and pressure cycles, the resin is assimilated throughout the insula
  • Pyrolysis Stripping
    This procedure facilitates the easy removal of the damaged winding whilst ensuring the motor efficiency remains intact. This procedure has been independently verified by Nottingham University (see table below).
  • Avonmore Information Management System (A.I.M.S.)
  • Pump Repair
  • Ex Motor Repair
    We are Certified in the Repair and Overhaul of Ex Electrical Apparatus through courses provided by AEMT based in the UK,namely;The Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Apparatus Used in Explosive Atmosphere in Accordance with BS EN 60079-19:2011.
  • Wind Generators
    Avonmore Electrical are an industry leader in the repair and maintenance of wind generators. We provide up-tower repair and maintenance of generators, as well as ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities.
  • EASA Membership Certificate
  • AEMT Membership Certificate


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