As agents for CEMER motors in Ireland we carry a extensive range of motors in our stocks.

We cater for all IE2 requirements obligatory in Europe from 16/07/2012.

IE3 Premium efficiency are also available from 7.5 to 375KW obligatory in Europe from 01/01/2015.

As agents for CEMER we have access to THE LARGEST “JUST IN TIME” STOCK IN EUROPE

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ATB Ex Motors 

As official agents for the ATB brand of EX motors for Ireland we

carry a extensive stock at both our Cork and Dublin warehouses.

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ATB Nordenham (formerly F&G)ATB Nordenham

Production: at ATB Nordenham GmbH
Established: 1952
Location: Nordenham (Germany)


Area of expertise:

Design and manufacture of motors for the oil and gas industry, as well as for the chemical and petrochemical industry. With our highly modular and extremely efficient product solutions, we set the technical standards in the chemical industry, especially in Germany, and are today considered to be the unsurpassed benchmark and an important partner of this significant industry sector. This national prominence has also helped us to establish ourselves internationally and has led to close cooperation on other continents.

To support you our customer we are Certified in the Repair and Overhaul of Ex Electrical Apparatus through courses provided by AEMT based in the UK,namely;The Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Appararatus Used in Explosive Athmospheres in Accordance with BS EN 60079-19:2011.

We can Source

With over 50 Years experience in the electric motor industry and a large data base of suppliers we can source and supply electric motors from some of the leading Brand names in the market such as:



        WEG                       ABB                 BROOK CROMPTON                  SEW



                SIEMENS                                                         MARATHON



                BALDOR                                                           ROTOR


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