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Since KUHN company was founded in 1926, its primary occupation has been the development of plants and machines for the treatment of water.

Our products re predominantly used at sewage arrangements for the screenings treatment, grit treatment and for the mechanical prepurification.

Our skills in the area of mechanical engineering apply to waste water treatment plants, screw pumps, rakes, washing and srew presses, spiral screens, spiral conveyors and compact systems.

When will you arm your sewage arrangement?

Our current machines and constructions:

Archimedean screw pumps

Our screws are used as water screw pump, screw pump or screw elevator for sewage transportation and as preflood pump.


There are screens as coarse screen, fine screen, counter flow screen, co-current screen, step screen, grapple screen, rakes or filter screen and can be used in many ways.

Screen bulk handling

For screenings treatment, in particular for screenings washing and as screenings compressor our compactors are gladly used.

Combinated system

Compact systems are used as combined screening system and grit separator for screenings remover and grit filter from municipal or industrial sewage.

Grit handling

is predominantly used for treatment od sediments from municipal grit removal for grit washing, as grit washing system, as grit or screw classifier.


Among others our conveyor systems are called spiral conveyor, trough conveyor, pipe conveyor, screw conveyor, cross conveyor or screenings conveyor and are used transporting solids and sludges in many industrial sectors.

Owing to continuous, goal and progress-oriented work, the company has become an experienced and competent partner for customers around the world. Our Archimedean screw pumps, rakes and screens are successfully employed in the mechanical treatment of water in clarification plants. Furthermore, KUHN Company provides devices for the treatment of screenings and grit.

As a result of the fast progress of the market, ever new ground has to be broken. For this reason we are always concerned with the development of new solutions and methods. Our products, which are often patent-protected, are always state-of-the-art because we only use high-quality materials together with smart technology solutions.

A crucial factor for the company’s success is the fact that the company has not only been intensively engaged with mechanical engineering, but also with the control and regulation of plants. In this regard, the focus of our attention is especially on the efficiency and the long-term reliability of our machines.

Being a family-owned enterprise, we are an independent partner for our clients. This makes us much-asked-for experts in the field of waste water engineering who are always able to react on the wishes and needs of the market – characteristics highly valued and often confirmed by our clients at home and abroad.

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