Ex Motor Repair

We are Certified in the Repair and Overhaul of Ex Electrical Apparatus through courses provided by AEMT based in the UK,namely;The Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Appararatus Used in Explosive Athmospheres in Accordance with BS EN 60079-19:2011.Six of our Technicians complete these courses on a minimal of once every 3 Years,as well as other complimentary courses provided by Manufacturer's as the opportunity arises.

Our workshop facility has been authorised by Baseefa to carry out repair and overhaul to Atex motors for use in potentially explosive atmosphere. We are now certified as an IECEx facility. IECEx Certification provides independant auditing to ensure all instruments used are calibrated,all personnel are competently trained,and all jobs completed are properly documented.Essentially,IECEx Certification supports the competent Technician with a competent Facility.

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