Disinfection Equipment Upgrade

Disinfection Equipment Upgrade at Montpelier Pump House

With an existing system consisting of a single chlorine dosing pump, manually controlled with manual preparation of solution, Avonmore Electrical were tasked with the upgrade of disinfection equipment. 

the task

Scope included the installation of;

  • A fully automatic Duty/Standby UV disinfection system.
  • D/S Chlorine dosing pumps.
  • Chlorine monitor. 
  • Control Panel and SCADA system.

the solution

Equipment: VISADES UV systems (European ONORM & DVGW certification) including automatic temperature control, flushing, fault changeover and SCADA monitoring. Digital dosing pumps and control panel incorporated SCADA control PLC was built in-house to automate the system and provide all required failsafes. A 4m2 prefabricated concrete building was and the UV systems, UVT monitor and Chlorine monitor were all installed in this building. The Dosing system was installed in the existing building along with the control system.

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