Bearing Failure in 3.1MW Motor

3100kW HELMKE SLIP-RING MOTOR | 496rpm | 6000V | 24100kg

(Motor Upon Arrival to Avonmore Electrical)

Through the customer's own predictive maintenance methods; high GSE levels and irregular sounds coming from this 3.1MW Helmke Slip-Ring Motor, were detected. It was therefore shipped directly to our Workshop HQ in Cork.

Working through the night, our team dismantled and assessed the motor to find the root of the irregularity. 

The problem

The problem became apparent upon dismantling.

Fatigue of the non-drive bearings caused a bearing collapse and consequent mechanical rub between the stator and the rotor, which you can see below; 


the solution

While the customer did pick up on high GSE levels, the warning signals that this predictive maintenance method issued came too late. Referring back to the earlier photo of the bearing, we spotted, (ciricled), symptoms of a second impending failure. 

This motor is now in need of a complete motor rewind and core repair due to the damage caused. While this solution can and will be offered to the customer, it is a far more costly solution than what could have been a simple overhaul & bearing replacement had the motor arrived earlier. 


Nonetheless the customer will receieve a full report on the diagnosis of the motor through our AIMS system and can decide whether to repair or alternatively, we can source a replacement through The Avonmore Store.


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