Our History


Our History in 1958

Company Incorporated by Mr Jeremiah Sheehan, Founder and Director, in May 22nd, 1958.                           

LOCATION: The Square, Millstreet, Co. Cork

TOTAL AREA: 5000sq/ft (2 floors).
Millstreet was chosen as the location to set up due to the existence of 32 Creameries


CUSTOMER BASE: Local Creameries, Cheese and Powder Milk Manufacture, Chocolate Crumb and Casin Production, Grain Milling, Auto Electrical Service.

(Original Avonmore Electrical Premises in The Square, Millstreet. Located third building from left).


LOCATION: West End, Millstreet, Co. Cork

TOTAL AREA: 6054sq/ft (2 floors)

OFFICE AREA: 4850sq/ft (2 floors)


CUSTOMER BASE: Milk Processing, Meat Factories, Frozen Food Processing
and packaging, Limestone Quarries, Sugar, Steel and Mining Industries.


Our History 1978





(Philly McCarthy, Donie Twomey and Ted Coleman, installing a Deep Well Submersible Pump on behalf of Waterford County Council in Dungarvan, Feb. 1975)







LOCATION: West End, Millstreet, Co. Cork. (Additional working area 5700sq/ft, 2 floors).


CUSTOMER BASE: Dairy, Local Authority,
Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Fertiliser.

PUMP TECHNICAL DETAILS: KW:60 Manufacturer Pleuger Speed: 2900spm FLC:128A Pump O – 10”

PUMP TYPE: QN103-2 No. of stages – 2and Mining 

FLOW RATE: 545m3/h


LOCATION: West End, Millstreet, Co. Cork


CUSTOMER BASE: Dairy, Local Authority, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Petro-Chemical, Steel, Fertiliser, Sugar, Quarries.
Premises at Roskeen was purchased in 1989

BUILDING: 37500sq/ft

SITE AREA: 12.5 acres


Our History 1988


Over a 12 month period in 1989 the entire building was custom built by our own staff. The offices, wholesale area, rewind area, panel building area and individual workstations were constructed. Over the Christmas period of 1989, 90, the entire workshop was transfered to Roskeen and commenced operations in January 1990.



Our History 2008

In 1994, we became members of EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) and in May 1997, Avonmore Electrical hosted the European and World Chapter Convention. Pictured in the photo, seated from left to right are: Bill Overton, Electrical Motor & Repair Co. Virginia, USA – EASA International President. Dan Chiswick, Chiswick Electrical Co. New Jersey, USA – EASA Past President. Tom Hannon, The Hannon Co. Ohio, USA – EASA Past President. Joe Steinlen, Steinlen Elektromaschinenbau GmbH, Burgwedel, Germany – European and World Chapter President. Malcolm Fletcher. Fletcher Bickerton Ltd. Stoke on Trent, England – European and World Chapter Vice President.

Speaker – Jerry Sheehan, Founder and Managing Director, Avonmore Electrical.




CUSTOMER BASE: Dairy, Local Authority, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Power
Generation, Petro-Chemical, Steel, Fertiliser, Sugar, Quarries.

BUILDING: 37500sqft, Additional working area of 5500sq/ft

SITE AREA: 12.5 acres


LOCATION: Roskeen, Mallow, Co. Cork


CUSTOMER BASE: Dairy, Local Authority, Cement, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Chemical Refinery, Glass, Power Generation, Timber, Transport, Aluminium, Quarries, Food, Food Utilities Management, Brewery, Cold Storage.


LOCATION (1): AVONMORE ELECTRICAL - Roskeen, Mallow, Co. Cork

LOCATION (2): CAMPBELL ELECTRIC MOTORS - Airtan Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24


CUSTOMER BASE: Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Refinery, Gas, OEM, Local Authority, Cement, HVAC, Metals, Meat, Dairy, Brewery, Medical Devices. 

Spurred by the economic crash in 2009 and facilitated by our EASA membership; Shermco Industries of Irving, Dallas Texas became the inspiration for our initial move into the Wind Generator Repair market. Subsequently, this led to changing our business to a more lean and digital approach. 

Pictured with Calvin Earp, (Production Manager Shermco Industries): Derry Sheehan, (Managing Director), Donagh Buckley, (Electrical), John Hickey, (Mechanical) & Sean Lynch, (Standards Industry). 

In 2015, Campbell Electric Motors, Dublin was acquired by the Avonmore Group making Avonmore Electrical the exclusive distributor of ABB Low Voltage Motors in Ireland. 



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